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The Best Tours from Inverness

Meandering - You Choose

”Where to today? Anywhere; let’s go!” 

North, South, East or West. You choose. Let's find the back roads off the back roads and meander. You'll find great stories, fascinating buildings, enchanting landscapes and maybe even a whisky or two!

With these tours from Inverness we create fantastically memorable road trips! How?

By exploring the myriad of back roads here in The Highlands and Moray, with the secret highlights they reveal. AND/OR do you have a specific requirement or interest? Shall we head for the distilleries, or see how many golf courses we can find? How many Heilan Coos (Highland cattle) can we see in one day? The places we list below aren’t destinations but opportunities. We can decide during the day! All of these tours are available from Inverness. The North & West tours are also available from Invergordon.


Some possible highlights


Some possible highlights


Some possible highlights


Some possible highlights

Suitable for up to seven people, travelling in our comfortable premium car, this tour takes approximately 8 or 9 hours. Pick up (and drop off) will be from your accommodation or Invergordon port and the tour costs £550 (including all taxes and any ferry fares) accordingly. Would you like a shorter tour? Please send us a message with your time available and we’ll make something work for you!

Meander. Go North, South, East or West with Grant Driving Tours; Scotland - for the best tours from Inverness.

Do take a wee look at some of our fantastic destinations / attractions on this tour.

For other day tours from Inverness see our bespoke Loch Ness and Culloden Battlefield tour.

Grant Driving Tours; Scotland - for the best tours from Inverness.